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Born in Haiti Reginald Policard was introduced to music at the early age of 10. His first played instrument was the piano which since shaped his musical career.


Reginald first integrated a band in 1969 called Sugar Jazz, that opened the path for several collaboration with other ensembles, particularly the famous Caribbean Sextet, which dominated the music scene in Haiti for many decades and of which he was the band leader and co-founder.


Reginalds discography includes sixteen solo recordings and his participation in numerous projects, including films. His album Vinn Avem meaning Come with me was selected to be in the pool of nominees for the Latin Grammys in 1994. Reginald enjoys playing for his fans and his mastery in the piano comes alive every time he performs.


Among many memorable performances, the New Orleans Jazz Festival being a historical jazz music landmark was his most thrilling experience.

In addition we can also mention his participation at:

• The Smithsonian Folk life Festival (2004)

• Kennedy Center (2004)

• Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club (2007)

• Gusman Theater (2006 – 2007)

• Festival International de Jazz de Port au Prince (2007 – 2009 – 2014 – 2016)

• Broward Center (2014)


Chick Corea, Bill Evans and Carlos Jobim are among many that have influenced his musical career.


Reginald has collaborated with very well-known international musicians such as:

Nicole Henry, Ed Calle, Jeff Carswell, Nicky Orta, Sammy Figueroa, Leo Quintero, Joel Widmaïer, Richard Barbot, David Fernandez, Sal Cuevas, JeanCaze, Felipe Lamoglia, David Einhorn  and more.


Reginald has set as a goal to bring his music to the highest exponent in the industry. He continues to delight his fans with good jazz music. 

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